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Zimmer Group product lines cover high-quality automation components. With over 30 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing, Zimmer is able to provide reliable, accurate components with high quality standards and customer specific solutions. Zimmer Group produces robotic components for many uses and environment types. Ranging from tool changers and swivel/rotation units for end-of-arm tooling to the sensors and connectors used to piece it all together.

Zimmer Group

Robotic Components & Accessories: Swivel & Rotary Modules • Robotic Tool Changers • Rotary Distributors • Axis Compensation Modules • Robot Collision / Crash Protection • Angled Mounting Flanges • Linear Cylinders / Actuators • Vacuum Components • Cutting Tongs • Indexing Separators • Ball Joints • Sensors & Holders • Valves, Connectors, & Accessories

Zimmer Robotic Components