Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group strives to provide a variety of quality components for material handling applications. With over 30 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing, Zimmer is able to provide reliable, accurate components with high quality standards and customer specific solutions. In handling technology, work-pieces or tools are manipulated automatically within the industrial sector. The term “handling” is derived from the human “hand” and highlights how versatile the movements of the objects can be. Also available are additional kits; fingers / jaws with liners, pads and inserts; fittings; and more.

Zimmer Group

Material Handling Components / Gripping Modules – 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers • 3-Jaw Concentric Grippers • 2-Jaw Angular Grippers • 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers • 3-Jaw Concentric Grippers • 2-Jaw Parallel Rotary Grippers • Internal & External Grippers • O-Ring Grippers • Magnetic Grippers • Needle Grippers

Zimmer Group has organized their product offerings into three categories:

Handling technology 1
Components: grippers, swivel and rotary modules, separators, etc.
Systems: gripper systems, vacuum systems, robotools, positioning systems

Handling technology 2
Components: robotics accessories
Systems: robotools

Handling technology 3
Components: vacuum products and accessories
Systems: vacuum systems

Zimmer Group Grippers (Sommer Automatic)