Centryco has made their business mission to protect machines and the people that operate them. Centryco provides quality covers made of multiple materials to protect in harsh environments. Specializing in rod, shaft, screw, and way protection of all types. Centryco also keeps a stocked inventory covering a diverse range of applications.


Protective Products – Bellows Covers • Centry Covers • Linear Way Covers • Flat Bellows Covers • Protective Screens • Way Covers • Specialty/Custom Covers

Centryco Bellows Way Covers



Dynatect, formerly known as A & A Manufacturing, designs, manufactures, and repairs products for OEM’s, machine rebuilders, and end users. Dynatect has 70 years of experience designing protective solutions for equipment in motion. Products can be manufactured from metals, elastomer-covered fabric, nylon, rubber, polyurethane and PVC. Dynatect’s range of products includes protective covers, cable and hose carriers, elastomer components and mechanical motion control.


Protective Products – Bellows Covers • Lift Covers • Steel Covers • Roll Up Covers • Roll Up Doors • Way Wipers

Dynatect Protective Covers