Neugart, a leader in the field of planetary servo gear-heads has been established for over 85 years. Their goal when designing products is to create the best balanced and streamlined design by utilizing advanced technology and tools; 3D-CAD modeling, extensive Finite Element optimization, and special computer simulation and optimization software; proving the Neugart dedication to design excellence.


Economy Gearboxes: PLE • PLQE • PLPE • PLHE • PLFE • WPLE • WPLQE • WPLPE • WPLFE

Precisoin Gearboxes: PSBN • PSN • PLN • PSFN • PLFN • WPLN • WGN

Hygienic Gearboxes: HLAE

Customer-Specific Solutions are also available with application specific custom options.

Neugart Gearboxes



GAM, USA made gear reducers and complimenting products that include rack and pinion assemblies and couplings. GAM’s new Cycloidal Gearbox provides low backlash and high rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications. Withstanding the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots with impact resistance 5x nominal torque.


Zero-Backlash Robotic Gear Reducers: GPL • GCL

Highest Precision Gear Reducers: SPH • Dyna DS

High Precision Gear Reducers: EPL • EPR • SSP • Dyna-Lite DL

Precision Gear Reducers: PE • PER • VPC • VP • VC • V • VC (mini) • V (mini)