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Zimmer Group has been a leading manufacturer of clamping and braking units since its beginning days in Germany in 1980. The clamps and brakes have been developed and tested thoroughly for tough industrial applications, further assuring the quality of their products for the value. Zimmer’s clamp and brake product line covers profiled linear guide way assemblies from the top linear guide manufacturers, also clamps and brakes designed for ground shafting in either metric or inch sizing. Clamp and brake units are manufactured as manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric.

Zimmer Group

Clamps & Brakes for Profile Guideways & Shafts (Metric / Limited Inch Sizes) – HK • miniHK • MK • MKS • MCPS • LKP • MBPS • UBPS • LKPS • MCP • LBPS • KWH • KBH • KBHS • LBHS • LCE

Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric units available.