Lee Linear

Lee Linear

Lee Linear has produced world-class, linear motion components and linear shafting for over 40 years. With the ability to manufacture custom shafting including threading, diameter reduction, keyways, flats, plating, and more. Lee Linear is able to fulfill orders on time, eliminating downtime while providing reliable and cost effective solutions.

Bearings from Lee have high load capacities, long service life, interchangeable capabilities and low coefficient of friction. Available in open bearing and closed bearing styles with the options for seals to provide added protection.

Lee Linear

Ball Bearings – Precision Ball Bearings • Precision Plus Ball Bearings (Both with Closed & Open Bearing Styles)

Plain Bearings – Linear Plain Bearings (Closed & Open Bearing Styles)

Pillow Blocks – Precision Plus Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks • Plain Bearing Pillow Blocks (Both with Twin, Closed & Open Bearing Styles)

Roller Pillow Blocks – Single Roller Pillow Block • Double Roller Pillow Block • Twin Roller Block (Available in Metric & Inch sizing.)

Lee Linear Bushings Plain Bearings


Nippon BearingNippon Bearing

Nippon Bearing is a linear manufacturer for products including ball bushings and linear bearings for shafting. Combining the compact size, high-load capacity, flexible mounting options and high resistance to demanding environments. With NB, you can enjoy increased efficiency thanks to high linear transitions, high loads, extreme precision and limited maintenance.

NB’s self-aligning TOPBALL can be designed into many different applications such as factory automated equipment, machine tools, industrial machines, electrical equipment, optical and measuring instruments. A Pillow block housed unit provides an excellent installation environment.

Nippon Bearing

TOPBALL – TK • TW • TKA • TWA • TWJ • TKE • TKD • TWD (Available in Open, Closed & Open with Metric & Inch sizing.)

Slide Bush – SM • KB • SW; Standard, Clearance-Adjustable, Open Type, Long Type, and Double Wide. SMF • KBF • SWF • SMK • KBK • SWK • SMT; Flange Type, Flange Type with Pilot End, Long Flange Type, Double Wide Flange Type, Center Mount Flange Type, and Center Mount Flange Type. TRF • TRK • TRFC • TRKC; Triple Wide Flange Type. GM • GW; GM Series.

Stroke Bush – SR (Available with and without seals.)

Slide Rotary Bush – SRE • RK (Available with and without seals)

NB TobBall


Pacific Bearing CoPBC Linear

PBC Linear began in 1983 as Pacific Bearing Company, creating a patented and innovative solution to the common problem of failing linear ball bearings. Since then, PBC Linear has greatly expanded their technology, expertise and services into a complete linear motion manufacturer. They specialize in providing customers with everything from out-of-the-box components, to mechanical sub-assemblies, and even complete linear systems.

Offering a variety of bearing styles to accomplish smooth, reliable, long life and low maintenance on applications. Maintenance free options with PTFE coated bearings ranging from 3/16″ to 4″ sizing to cover many industries and high demands.

PBC Linear

Simplicity Maintenance-Free / Plain Bearings – FL • FM • FJ • FLN • FMN • JIS • FG • FMT • Die Set Bushings PACM (Available in Closed, Open, and Flanged styles)

Ball-type Linear Bearings and Linear Bushings – (Inch, ISO Metric and JIS Metric) EP • IP • IPS • JP • KHP

Plain Bearing & Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks – These pillow blocks combine PBC Linear’s Linear ball bearings and plain bearings with PBC’s self aligning pillow block to compensate for any misalignment in the application.  Straight bore pillow blocks are also available for applications which demand more rigidity.

PBC Pacific Bearing