The mission of igus is to use its innovative polymer materials to develop products that provide creative solutions and exceed our customers’ expectations while delivering fast, accurate service. The Energy Chain protects cables and hoses from pinching, kinking, and simply getting in the way of machine operation and out of the way for the machine operators. High levels of acceleration can be achieved along with being able to withstand extreme environments and temperatures.


Energy Chain – Low-Cost & Quick-Fill • Micro & Mini Cable Chain • Energy Tubes (for cable protection against chips, dirt, & debris) • Standard Cable Carriers • Low-Noise, Low-Abrasion, Vibration-Free Energy Chains • Energy Chains for 3-Dimensional and Circular Movements (for robotic applications) • Long Travel Energy Chain • Energy Chain Accessories

Igus cable track



KabelSchlepp produces world-class cable and hose carriers in a large variety of sizes and styles for a great range of environments. KabelSchlepp engineers carrier systems that maximize productivity and minimize costs for an unlimited number of applications. KabelSchlepp offers a complete line of both heavy-duty steel and durable yet lightweight glass-fiber reinforced nylon carrier systems.


Cable Carriers – Nylon Cable Carriers • Clean & Quiet Cable Carriers • Steel Cable Carriers • Tube Cable Carriers • 3D Motion Cable Carriers • Cable Carrier Accessories